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I need to post journals more often. . . well, if only I had stuff to write about :P.  Really, my life is pretty boring so only read if you have time to go into a coma for awhile :).

I still work at Goodwill sorting books and it's super fun, though it aggravates my back and neck and (sometimes) shoulder.  Physical therapy helps with my back but the rest I'm just sort of self-treating with ibuprofen.  Yaaaaaaaaaaay pain.  I also fell and hurt my knee and that was rad.

Ummm, I have applied to multiple galleries and have been rejected by all of them, which is hard to get over, but one day I'll be okay with it I guess.  I should expect a lot of rejection :nod:.

Recently I've been emo so that's why everything is sort of dark, sry.  I listen to My Chemical Romance all the time, which might not help, but I lurve it :rofl:. By the way, Twitter kills your soul D:.

Yes, i feel like I'm missing something but oh well.  I hope everyone is doing alright :) :hug:
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tumblr requests:
1. Killjoys as angels
2. OC - Giraldo
3. Niko chan…
4. Samurai jack samurai

make money lolol
album art
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my favorite folder apparently lol.

Find Me In The Future by NanoMortis

Sladkaya pesnya by SILENTJUSTICE Lost In Iceland by BrietOlga I fell you... III. by Ephynephryn

Winter Morning Lakeland Calling by Capturing-the-Light

I'm starting to forget... by NataliaDrepina Valmy 23 by Markotxe Erhoben by Daystar-Art

 7777 G by exellero Witching Hour by VarshaVijayan

Survivor by Kallaria bird song by Michaeldavitt Hallow-ing Death by SummerDreams-Art

054 - Leopard by ElyneNoir

okay so I haven't been on dA a lot lately so I haven't added a lot to the inspiration folder  /fail
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Congratulations to RainyGreenTrabant!  Send me your address via note and I shall mail it to you! :heart:

I've been drawn into your magnet tar-pit trap by Andaelentari

edit: due to a mixup, this one still needed a home and I have drawn another number.  Congratulations to Eric-S-Huffman for winning this piece!  note me your address so I can send it to you :).

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I made a bad choice in posting it as a status and not a journal, methinks xD.

Anyway, JACAC is 1 and Loffy0 is 2 (just for me to remember really).  Post here for a number and I'll pick someone in a week or so.

The work you're entering for is:

I've been drawn into your magnet tar-pit trap by Andaelentari

good luck!  I might do a few more giveaways for the holidays too, let's see how much I can afford :rofl:.

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I'm making one book cover and in the running to make another, so yey.

Anyway, feature time!  My mood has been good enough lately for this.  And for another giveaway (I posted a status about it if you're interested)

Dew Sprite Zizzi - Adv by Zolaida the crow wip 2017 by dholms

dew by Kuvshinov-Ilya A sweet little tangled mess by thegirlcansmile sweet by Doringota

Lilliput Castle by adrianamusettidavila

Zapomni menya by SILENTJUSTICE fumes by len-yan Dopamine by gawki

Reilly - Ace of Spies by DriPoint

Spaceketball by GDBee colorful one by Ururuty Reflected feeling by vasoart

Kida by MagicnaAnavi GLOW by daddy-likes-men11

Annunciation (detail2) by Ospreyghost13 Come Along With Me... by NikiAndo Inktober V by LeGrebe

Commission: Ahlis by Riktockhi

Sinkt by feigenfrucht Made of War. by Noir-Division Emily Hansell Collaboration 1 by SkylerBrown

Into the Unknown by adoreluna

The Marquis by kimsol Training for Halloween by ElenaDudina Mourning by KarinClaessonArt

primeval ripple by Michaeldavitt

Inktober 2017 #6: ''Sword'' by Aart-ish l'envol by veroklotz Inktober 6/2017  by Doringota

Wall Garden by MangekkoJones Self-Supporting by alltelleringet

The Eternal Lover - Ghost Stories by Dani-Owergoor Me And My Shadow by BrietOlga Book Cover II - Firebird by MirellaSantana

end of summer by JuliuszLewandowski Ask me to stay by fdasuarez Embrace the Darkness - Lux by Zarory who's there by NickHerbert

Selfportrait by mirabillisfuture Conflicted by SandraWinther

Daenerys and Drogon by kittrose
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Haven't done a favorites feature in awhile so enjoy :)  I wish the faves were still in separate pages and not one long scroll so I could start from oldest to newest but OH WELL I GUESS RAWR.

Lackadaisy Jazzwitch by tracyjb Lackadaisy Calculation by tracyjb

All Smiles by x-xSpitFirex-x Flores de Ciruelo de Jardin/_Rosas by Johnny-Aza Et lux in tenebris lucet by SILENTJUSTICE

Ice cream dreams by siddhartha19

November Quick Study by DeLumine Mai - King of Fighters -01- by beethy Quick drawing Sz by SILENTJUSTICE

The Edge of the Forest by Pajunen

Christmas Tree ~ Practice work by EllysiumnPlaying on the beach by tutanvaly Fill The Sky by Inextremiss

PPG Witches Sketch by rossdraws  Happy birthday Sofia by LordLJCornellPhotos 

Roman Bath view by lostknightkg My Halloween character by lauraypablo Arua by ArrHart

Witches II by TheFoxAndTheRaven

Sunny Overflight by TigresSinai The Rise and Fall of Heroes by Newsha-Ghasemi Herbstgluehen by Sophie-Wieland

Mykonos by StamatisGR Salzburg I by Zouberi

Self Portrait Day 5 by KristinaToxicpanda Self portrait 2017 by DamaiMikaz halloween classic by biblyoteka

koszyki market hall by JuliuszLewandowski

Practice Drawing woman in veil. by KarinClaessonArt Colorbreak by mainloop Chris by schmoo15

Afterglow by W-Joseph-Oxer-FRSA Vespa by Psychothrone

Paladium - environments by KPEKEP

Ailen by artmatrix Color Of Blood by MWeiss-Art The Ghostmaker by TanyaShatseva

... Farewell by Callme-Ismael

our lady of Piety by Charlotte-Exotique Unlimited Blade Works by ErikShoemaker

We float 3 by nigel3 Wake up! but only for one night... by Whendell Trick or Treat? by MirkoStoedter

Bruxinho Travesso by Wesley-Souza

Rainbow Fingers by camilladerrico Green Rain by burningmonk

041 - Embraced by ElyneNoir
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+ a feature in the next journal! :) :dance:

For two weeks or so, I was out of my medication for OCD, so it was hard to do anything really.  The OCD makes me freeze and not be able to make decisions, as well as self-mutilate, so I'm glad I finally got a refill after seeing my doctor about it.  If only the other medications worked :rofl:.  At least in Ohio, marijuana is going to be legal soon, medical or otherwise :dummy:.

My doggie Rascal is still feeling fine, still yapping and jumping and everything.  Thank you everyone who was worried about him like I was!  He's 14 so I get paranoid whenever he gets sick that he'll die.

hmm, I've also been on Artstation a lot, and look at the new jobs every day, but I don't usually meet all of the requirements (especially the part about knowing 3D programs.  I'm working on that but can't in good faith add it to my CV yet).  Still, it's fun to try, and informative to see what all I would need to even have a chance at a job on that site :P.  It's a cool site, I'm there and upload there more often than here now.

Not that deviantART is awful or anything, I just feel like I've plateaued here and wanted to try my luck on other sites.  I still get only a few faves or likes or whatever on other pages but I also haven't been on them for 12 years :rofl:.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing alright.  If you want anything that I can give let me know! :) :hug:
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yay I'm super old on dA :dummy:
the end :).
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I have soooooooooooooo many cute pictures, I wish it was possible to feature them all.


015 - Taking a Nap by ElyneNoir

Halloween Pikachu by SandraWinther Meow-meow by uildrim Sketch - Shawnie by NezuPanda

 Tiger Being Cute! by x-xSpitFirex-x

Demain les chiens by SUDOR Paws  by itsjokerquinn Little by vanillapearl

Strike a pose, Sabrina Marie! (9) by MystMoonstruck

Happy Birthday Jose by jennystokes Bonsa by aerendial Street Art/_Dogs are always stay when i paint by Johnny-Aza

Happy autumn by Thunderi this is my saturday by clochartist-photo

I love you, mommy by woxys

Mommy On Watch by lemgras330 .. by morquee Grace by Mom-EsPeace

Portrait II by mabuli Luna by LoloAlien

Seven Years- It's ALWAYS Been About LOVE by TeaPhotography doglog by xutomu Leave Your Holidays And Get The Job Done! by sesam-is-open

Inner peace by Wetterlage

lookout by awjay Asuna by Nikulina-Helena Penny by CindysArt

I see you by Creamydigital

Family Swim by eaglesdarephoto  curious by vi0letdreamer  Filou, the cutest pain in the ass.. by hoschie

It Is Raining by Canankk

The Little Prince by TigresSinai Ella by jonniedee Waiting for dinner by Pajunen

Young and old by MT-Photografien

Friends 4 legs! by OshimaruKung7285

Stock 106 by KarinClaessonArt
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I really need to post a feature today, so hopefully I won't be lazy and actually do it.  I'm glad the previous feature was well received :).

If you have statuses disabled or don't read them or something, I'm going to post here for you.  I recently had a large dental bill that took half of the money to my name, so I really really need commissions.  Accordingly, I'm willing to go less than 10 dollars per artwork.  Probably a bad idea but money is stupid and necessary and stuff.  My mom is also getting fewer hours so we're getting more strapped.  Add to that the fact that we have two old dogs with various health problems ><.

Anyway, if you want to talk to me about anything, you can post here or note me or whatever is most comfortable for you.

Thanks guys :hug:
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I want to complain a lot but I'll feature instead :D

inspiration feature though i should do a cutie pie feature, oh well.  Lately, seeing cute animals makes me cry haha.

overwhelmed by zephy0Selfportrait by mirabillisfuture Conflicted by SandraWinther

RMS Titanic - Belfast - March 1912 by DriPoint

Glass girl by Defectorillustration Spider by SkylerBrown Devilina by BrietOlga

self defense by veroklotz Introspection and temptation by NickHerbert

Duskborne Skymarcher by SebMcKinnon Daenerys and Drogon by kittrose

Hell i cop ter by Michaeldavitt

water by wlop Tobacco Vanille by Charlotte-Exotique fragility by len-yan

 Stasis by SebMcKinnon

Thorns by EstherPuche-Art Beauty And The  Beast by ricconn  The Mirror of Reason by TanyaShatseva

0922b1 by Dimeolas7

Face of Summer. by jennystokes

Fusion by Doringota El Alquimista by MarcoHerrera [COMM] - Winnie Sawyer by Claparo-Sans

Jailbird by RadiusZero

B.O.N.D. by Dopaprime Ancientwitchsmall by eerilyfair (Commission) Zophiel by fhelalr

Under the Corner by alltelleringet

Up There '17 by heartofrockandroll Duality limited edition signed and numbered print by ericadalmaso it hurts by zephy0
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Okay, my ego is completely crushed now :rofl:.  Two people entered and so I put 2 in the random number generator and it looks like rochele10 has won the print!   Just note me your address and I can send it to you ^_____^. :hug: :hug:

I also made a calendar today with the scene is alive aka calendar for 2018 by Andaelentari as the front page and place you can buy it, if you want to.  I tried to include both crowd-pleasers and weird stuff.  Some of them don't match the month a lot but WHO THE FUCK cares :meow:

The first anniversary of my dad's death was this month, and it's hard to think about future holidays without him again.  The depression gives me inspiration, though, so I guess I won't stop creating stuff.  Especially not since I'm depressed again.  AGAIN RAWR.  So if I'm snippy or something I apologize, I just feel like a jerk :rofl:.

Uhh, oh yeah, I also got my business cards and they look all snazzy, I don't know who would want one in my life, except maybe my mom and sister out of pity, but it feels nice to have them anyway.  If anyone wants one, I guess I'd mail it?  The price was pretty good and they turned out well, even if there's not a buttload of info on there.  Just enough to find me and my work :D.

I hope everyone else is doing better than I am. :hug:

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hokay :dance:

I want to thank, first of all, everyone who's ever commissioned me or bought something of mine.  You are acknowledged and appreciated!

Speaking of commissions, I'm thinking about maybe doing a half price sale and see if anyone bites.  It's doubtful anyone will, because SO MANY PEOPLE offer commissions here, many of them more talented than me but I guess I'm a masochist and want to try anyway :confused:

Also, I've decided to do another giveaway.  The others were successes, I think.  If a winner didn't get their prize let me know; it happened to a few people since I've started doing them >>.

Anyway, same deal, post and I will give you a number, and I'll use the random generator in a week.

This is what you'll be entering for:

Happy happy joy joy by Andaelentari

Note that the print I have might be a tiny bit dogeared because I've had it so long, but it's easily fixed with tape or framing.

Good luck! :)
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yay cleverness :iconsherlockwinkplz:

Just some (boring) updates, feel free to ignore :P.

I'm still working at Goodwill, but now it's almost exclusively sorting books.  I like books so it's awesome :D.  However, I pulled a ligament or something from the repetitive motion so that sucks.  But it's worth it to have money!

After getting some opinions to think about, I've decided not to do requests anymore, only commissions.  Because I'm poor and such.  There is a tattoo site I'm on that I need to go back to, hmm :confused:.  Anywayyyyyyyyyyy.  Thanks everyone for your thoughts!

I'm also going to be 'spring cleaning' my gallery, storing gross ugly artwork so there's less people have to scroll through.  I wish journals weren't part of the total, it just messes things up.  So if you really like one of my ugly works or WIPs, save them or something?  Or join behance because I'll still upload there.

Speaking of uploading. . . after talking with more people, I've decided to limit the number of posts more so it doesn't get overwhelming to watchers.  Let's see how long I can stick to the schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are the days I'll post something from now on.  That means fewer deviations and maybe more non-gross works :D.
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Yay German in high school and college :rofl:


I thought I'd make a new journal since it had been so long that the old one was there.  I still want to keep the graphic with the commission info so I guess now I could make a little section for it?  I want to thank profusely the anonymous person who gifted me the year membership, by the way.  And the people who donated points!  And everyone who posted on my profile!  I :heart: you all!

The previous two deviations I uploaded are thank yous, even if the second one is sort of angry for a thank you, oh well xD.  Sometimes I make something and it just takes on an emotion out of nowhere.

Maybe it's related to Chester Bennington's death, which hit me hard because it was suicide.  I don't do well with people dying in that way.  Still getting better about Robin Williams ><..  I just read an article about Chester so I might make some really emo shit in response.

I'm still trying to find consistent work, sooo yeah.  Recently, I made a book cover, but I can't upload it for awhile (until the book is finished lol).

Uhhh, I think that's everything that's important that you want to hear about :rofl:

I hope you all have had awesome lives lately, and know you can talk to me if you need something.  I don't know how much I would be able to help but I could always try :).
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I talk about being poor a lot, and I am, so I need to start charging for doing portraits, etc. for people.  I just can't justify doing requests when there's a chance I could get a little money/points.  It might sound selfish, but so be it :D.

I'm going to make a little graphic with the prices and all and edit this post with it.


woo.  maybe another feature too.

Commissioninfo by Andaelentari
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Thank Three Days Grace :D.

Inspiration feature, if I can keep the momentum going I'll do one of my watchers and maybe another cutie pie one too.

Lotus Dream by LadyEvilArts

Beauty is on the inside by Helga-Helleborus  (Commission) Red by fhelalr  Magic Angel of the Forest by lauraypablo

Reborn by Gwendolyn1

Bleeding Paint by Izaaaaa  Inflorescence by flycatcher263  Dishonored: We had such dreams... by coupleofkooks  Tuurngait Page 02 by CEZacherl

Inside Violin V by borda

  Produkt aus Holz by feigenfrucht  Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter by NickyBarkla  I wait for you... by Ephynephryn

Summer Bench  by EveLivesey

Mechanical Magnolia by STelari

  Flow by Black-B-o-x  The Future of Red Riding Hood Story by KarinClaessonArt

Whispers by Gejda

Fragments Turn To Dust by MoodyBlue  THE CONDOR by KarinClaessonArt  The Imperative Edge by MoodyBlue

The Fairies Annual Tea Party. by ChristopherPollari

Farewell by Dzydar  The beauty in the breakdown by thegirlcansmile  Interrupted by TJSGrimm

Wonder Woman painting by straewefin

These bloody flies by thegirlcansmile  it's not enough by Ceecore  La Malediction by Kallaria

[287] by mcptato  Wonder Woman : YouTube!! by rossdraws

Spider Lily by shihoran  Magical Mirror by Ironshod  She Goes Towards the Sea by VelvetRedBullet

[COMM] - Rebekah by Claparo-Sans

[267] A Memory by mcptato  Eiffel Tower at night by MangekkoJones  [265] Blossom by mcptato

If i was the galaxy, I revolved round her by IMustBeDead

Eren. attack on titan by Ururuty  Untitled by ltiana355  24 MAI 2017 by JFBAYLE

Fragility by BrietOlga

Into the Darkness by DanielPriego  Dreaming of Ghosts by PetyaPlamenova  The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe by Black-B-o-x

Deers in forest by x-xSpitFirex-x

Control maybe by inthehhallwaynow  Sen by zephy0
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I'm sorry for being all over the place lately, artistically and otherwise.  My brain is not a happy camper, haha.
Anyway, I was going to use this journal for a feature, but I'll have to edit it later or something because I lost my motivation again.  I love so much art and have it in folders and such, I just can't work up the effort for some reason :confused:.

Also, I hate bothering you guys over and over with the same thing, but bear with me!  If you friend me on any of my other accounts, I will friend you back, it's as simple as that.  I might not be super active on some sites anymore but maybe having friends there will bring the interest back to me ;).

Lately, it's been hard to find any art jobs at all, but hope springs eternal :). :heart:

my website: (I need to update it some more)

twitter: @concertendeav
instagram: andaelentari
artstation:… (can't log in at the moment because of a cookies issue lol)

saatchi art (originals and prints):…
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I want to repay my mom for the computer repair, shh.
So I'm selling my first acrylic pad, which is 11 pages of my first paintings omg I'm such a legend xD.
Some examples:

  foggy day by Andaelentari  fox by Andaelentari

of course, if it sells I'll take the option off to buy the original work on SaatchiArt. 

Anyway, I was thinking maybe $100 for the whole thing?  That's probably the lowest I could offer.  It doesn't sell, that's okay too :).

thanks guys :hug:
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