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Welcome! :la:

This is another collection of some of my favorite works from my two favorite Photography categories: Photojournalism and Darkroom! 

If you like these, you might want to consider joining Darkroom-Photos, concert-endeavours, and/or CRPhotography!

A Modern Tree by Schnitzelyne

Perspectives #2 by SylveryFox Hot Ply by SylveryFox

Release by jbrum

Sa cauti by AlexandrinaAna Following the White Lines by Kaz-D

Monkographer by DrewHopper

Icarus The Owl by saratheresee time must have a stop by LostOneself A Blue Arrangement by Einsilbig

A Dying Wish by jpgmn

RABUKA by xACook Darker Than You Think by JillAuville Visceral by LeslieAnnODell

Fortune Teller by BenoitAubry

 BMX by hayleyonfire 183 times by ra-gro

Erfurt Dom 34 by Jan-Markus

#104|365 by Valentin-e-Winter

Frida Kahlo by alissatim Out of Mind Experience by TheGhostVirus Leica by Yashica by cameraflou

Rudimental 4 by Uchoose

Secret of Darkness by vlkovab Airship by birgzett

235 by celilsezer

Icemove by birgzett

School Children by PatrickMonnier

glass eye moth ::: by katworks It Sees by JillAuville A Lot by Poromaa How Can We Say Goodbye? by jazzylemonade

Strip by Poromaa

i just saw a deer by maria-nik a walk with Burtynsky by cameraflou Lunar morning by cameraflou

Warm Emotions by Miguel-Santos

Burlesque Follies DeLuxe 11 by Uchoose taman by Migrena 200 by stephaniee1219

wreckage by Migrena

Rose, ambrotype by Edward-Jekyll Henriksdals SpringTour -12.16 by AndersStangl there is something wrong with your heart by LostOneself Harpier than the morning sun by cameraflou

Contradiction... by ansdesign

Z by kakaoconad Dr Fu Manchu by InayatShah Mindset by Slushy-Pye

Thumbs Up by TomKilbane

Muse by GIVEthemHORNS Coal Chamber by vlkovab

Moto Trial Indoor International by Alheimia

The Sooner by JillAuville

Katana @ Biebob by Velvet-Lies

It Is So Easy... by catch---22 first test print by analogphoto Holga 70 by Valimar International Workers Day by chilouX

warsaw II by Zethrix

Hatshepsut by alissatim Winter by Amalus A dream within a dream by Linlith

Athens Riots by Katja-Spectraliquid

Eco Brides by EmilySoto Tea Time with the Bearded Lady by Cyril-Helnwein The Queens Demise by EmilySoto miukhyt by hornykitty

Wonder by 3wyl

114211 by laflaneuse Untitledaqwertyb by hornykitty

Under the bridge by freMDartet

The Nibble by andrew-dobkin

flottement by InoaLa two minutes to disappointment by cPaos ... by Silecia

Harry's On His Way Home by EarthHart

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Andaelentari Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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