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the dark is within.
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yaaaaaaaaaay :la:
Enjoy :dummy:

I suggest we go that way by RavenMontoya

Big Eyes.. by wingsofdragons Woof! by noseblide

Sarna - roe-deer by miirex

.: Dream of a Kitty :. by WhiteSpiritWolf snow dust by Maaira

My City Kitties by suezn

Bunny Tea by arefin03 got it! by vularia

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racoon love by RemusSirion Not so wild-103 by Sblourg

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Coloursnail. by Hersmallworld 20150122- Mg 6809-8 by markotapio

Play with me, please? (drawing) by Ilojleen

Gina by chaoticfireflies Mukhtar by KarinaRainbow

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Oh, hi! by MintLights

I am so handsome by LordLJCornellPhotos Maybe a bit shy? by woxys

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2/52 : Charlie by SaRaH-22 Beautiful Cat Sleeping - Amadeo by Johnny-Aza

Owl Butterfly Caterpillar by KMourzenko

foxes by llegolas Urban Cats - 60 by MARX77

woody by lucifersdream

Dust 37 by SabakuNoShi The Cat and the Fox by DeadLulu

Yep, almost perfect! by Maldito62

The Romantic Squirrel Who Liked Picking Flowers by darkcalypso Climbing isn't a art by LewiARTs

Charlie by MoonZaphire Hello stranger by ZoranPhoto

Vurr by TriinErg

Cat On Cloud 9 by dojjU Just Chilling! by x-xSpitFirex-x

Funny Fox Kit and Wishing You All a Happy 2015 by thrumyeye
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Because it's been 4+ days :dance:
and I need to wake up so I can be productive and such today :la:
enjoy, random faves in no particular order :la:

Exia by Lev-Bannikov

Coffee Moment in SP by seek-and-hide Portrait of a young man by A-teinna Leave No Stone by Intruxion

Reflection by yulii If I Had Wings by SarahHartmanArt

a 1099 thoughts per second.. by lomatic

| s m i l e | by Nachtblau Staring Down a Short-eared Owl by vanwaglajam - by nairafee

George in the winter by brijome

The Temple by lostknightkg Hindrance out of control by Pierre-Lagarde Water Nymph by x-shadow-raven-x

Back to the earth. by jennystokes

Prince Of Sloe by Lisa-Annabell .-.-.- by MichaelMagin unfinished? by derekjones There...where the dreams take me by Marazul45

Ariel's Tears by Fae-Melie-Melusine He is a ghost by mysteria-violent

Magdalene by SenhArt This Night Im alone by Marjie79 Elle by UnaRubyHeart

Miss L by AlexanderB

KATAKU 6 by NikiAndo 058/ 365 be careful by spiritmadeofstars Cry of the Blackbird by nine9nine9 DOT by crilleb50

Sinner or Saint by CatCleopatra

red rose by EbruSidarPortrait So she withers and render herself helpless by AnnaO-Photography Meat by Helenarelativity

Jellyfish by muju

Persephone and Hades by mariaacooper Postcard by ElenaDudina Persephone by J-u-d-a-s

660 by azammii

Jan 21 by silvanabossa Raveleijn-the battle by petronellavanree The Prayer behind the Veil by greno89 Snowdrop - Day 21 by alkonost-terrible

F004238-R1-04-10-copy 800 by MultiCurious

the Witch in the Castle by LilifIlane Behind the mist. by morquee In the shadow of the Shoggoth by CEZacherl The Leafs Guardian by LuLebel

At Night by Eithen

Spread Your Wings by alexandre-deschaumes My Fall by Weissglut Sorrow by msfowle 9970 BC. Her Arrival by erlangwind

Tokyo International Forum by Mars-Hill

Tell it to the moon by ShinyHeels Odin's Son by BBstar7 Haunted House by AliaChek

Bloody tourist came out of nowhere.. by lomatic

Waiting For You by ManifestedSoul Tea Time by mippieArt Decayed by Celtica-Harmony

Shadows of Death by AndyGarcia666

la funambulle by veroklotz promises by nakedcrayon23 A is for Aztec by hogret

Art journal 1 by SamanthaJordaan

Why So Serious? by NanoMortis Earl Lagertha by Laura-Ferreira Witch_crow master by AnnaFromTheTrain

paleta de colores by kriakao
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(Contains: nudity)
Oh em gee guys I'm awake in the morning after 6am for appointments, which means a feature at a semi-normal time :la:. Contain your enthusiasm :D.  And enjoy :dance:.  These are random from my favorites.

I Need My Mermaid Back...she left the building... by Bibire

Zenith Genderbend thing by TheLadyOfBlack East Island by dynax700si  B by Grimjest

Angry sea. by jennystokes

Siblings love by CindysArt Who Is The Fairest Of Them All by jhutter Plots and Plans by kimsol

Fear by J-u-d-a-s The lady to the peacocks by QiLathea

Rose Maiden Retouch by HayleyGuinevere In the beginning 1 by ebbing-gale Pulp Heroes Vol 4 by PantherModern23

Fondation Louis Vuitton - 8 by SUDOR

Goth Lolita by x-shadow-raven-x Ice Queen by GabeehSilva Mirrors -  01 by davidperesbr My secret friend by JiaJenn31

Welcome To My World by Lolita-Artz

Becca Brown 21 by Dave-Ellis crows in the city by copilandru Dream by Elfyah Lines-White Dove by CrowsReign

Of A Countryside by rici66

chasing light by manuelestheim pale morning by aerendial 2015-016 Twigs in the snow by pearwood PALM TREES OF SANTA BARBARA by getcarter

Entry Through Past by Spiritofdarkness Sky dive by DormirReverPeutEtre

BittersweetYou were lost at sea and I was your lighthouse,
but when we kissed
you couldn't get the taste of salt water out of your mouth.
Tree by RemusSirion Black seasons by bwiti

Alergam in sus by AlexandrinaAna

Life by CekicPhotography

Model-01a by marclerest Winter sun by blackmaster111 Parliament Bell by allendouglasstudio


Caught up by Mocris sophie by Mcdbrd Untitled by Dressed-In-White

Sweet Dreams by ThelemaDreamsArt Ab2912 by kitamba

JH by lovely-existence Lady In Waiting FB by JosefinaPhotography love at first by lovely-existence

Me in your memory by Michaeldavitt

Sketchy2 by GoveRtZ Tom Baker by EatToast Glam? Sketch 2 by KatarinaAutumn Beautiful niece in a colorful hopscotch by Johnny-Aza

Solar Eclipse by creativemikey No Excuse by EintoeRn

Streams by drkshp Frozen In Time by Corvinerium Puuuurple by milleviola

Budaors Sunrise 17 jan 2015 (7) by Shifts-in-the-Night

Song of the Depth by edgarinvoker Hell Pop by FangamerBowiextreme Lemon Gerard by KatherineLeon waiters by awjay

Dusk forest by Phototubby

168/365 Featured in Freque Magazine by SophieKoryn Psalm 22 by DougNZ The Look by ricconn

Evalena Marie by ElenaSai The train goes by martaraff

Mop Top by vamosver true colors by monsieur-arlequin Sublime by weroni

Paradisiac garden by Agness-flower

The eye is watching you by leoatelier Untitled by momcilo Dolgaya zima by Anhen Lydia by livingloudphoto

Warkworth Castle by newcastlemale The Road to The Wind. by catch---22

whisper of stone by fly10 Desi by corsuse tale of autumn.... by vvola

Squiggly Pointy Thingies by DizzyCowPhotography A rowboat in snow by Pajunen

Because I never, never got to tell you... by AnnaO-Photography 153539 by KseniaMaytama Zagreb, 2014. by iapostolovski

Yuna - Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix) by SolMay

Sycamore Gap by Nelleke windows to the soul so they say.. by Harpyimages where are you my future by ateist-kleranty

Agony by Febrilis Beyond the Mist by Val-Faustino

Red As Blood by dionn-k Wet simplicity 8 by SofKirke With Time by Kostandina Persephone's Departure by Sarah-Trickler

Telekinesis Redux by Sarah-Trickler

the shelter of the fallen souls XXV by JoannaRzeznikowska Mercury by Sigurd-Quast Urbanfobia 6 by AlexandruCrisan

week26 by cloe-patra standing out by prettyflour

Blood by YunaArt The Fir and the Hawk (ArcheAge) - Aranzebia/Dahuta by BenikaBathory Freckle Girl by Queen-Kitty

Untitled by HeleneLumiere

Candid Autumn Wind by MoofyModel Hong Kong by photoport Sam by uglybug

Greenhouse by Dapicture

Eden Reign by AlexandraSophie Cinderella by LilSophie Geisha by Amanda-Diaz

Subtle Shuksan by LAlight Bello by oprust

down by the sea by schilles-photography Stay Awake by Catandhearts Sincere by mo-ten

Lani by sollenafotografie

'Lenore' by EternalEden13 To Love Again Would Be a Nightmare by sheinhalesnightmares Nicole by SarahJPhotography

one night to be confused by applect


Elizabeth (of the Polls)
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Heartist by Nameda

"We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. To quote from Whitman, "O me! O life!... of the questions of these recurring; of the endless trains of the faithless... of cities filled with the foolish; what good amid these, O me, O life?" Answer. That you are here - that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. That the powerful play *goes on* and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?" Dead Poets Society

:icondinosrawrplz: :icondinosrawrplz: :icondinosrawrplz:

I'm only "Professional" because art's my only source of income :rofl:

For commercial use, email me yo. I have some things premade in my Portfolio folder here and you can check out the rest if you're bored.

About stockGreetings!
A few of you have been really worried lately about using stock from here because of the change in their ownership. Basically, you were concerned that their license says that you cannot redistribute their stock in whole or in part, by itself or combined with other elements, without the written approval of the original photographer.
As we all know by now, creating a photomanipulation is considered "making a derivative image." And we know we can't make premade backgrounds without permission from the photographers, as doing so is redistributing their work.
I advised a couple of you to check with the Help Desk and to find out the whole truth before making rash decisions about your group that could potentially make everyone panic.
Using my own personal account, I wrote to to find out what the story was. Here's what I said:
I was just wondering whether creating phot
Precut Stock Providers who Name their SourcesEven if most of the precut stock providers are sincere, and only use their own resources... they don't often tell it! :( So, it is very hard to know who makes abusive precut stock pictures or not.
I would like to encourage every stock provider to name his sources (even if they are his own).
You'll find here the precut stock providers I found who always name their sources, as you can see they are not very numerous. I hope that every photomapulators will find it useful and that many other precut stock providers will join the move. :D
I'm sad to see that many of the best precut stock providers I know and who offer they own stock didn't take the time to TELL IT! So, alas, they will not be selected in this list. I hope they'll do in the future and the list will grow.
Alphabetic order.
ALZ-STOCK :iconalz-stock:
Basic HTML Formatting GuideIntroduction
HTML is a markup language used to create web pages. It primarily consists of content placed between named tags that define the layout or style of that content.
Is it just me or does trying to explain HTML and what it does always seem to make it sound more complicated than it actually is? Very simply, HTML is the building blocks of the web. With it you can create a web page right from the foundations of the layout to the finishing touches of style. Don't get me wrong, it is a fairly involved topic but it really is quite simple to pick up the basics.
What I'll be helping you with here is the formatting aspect of HTML. These are the things that add colour to your page and make your font fancy.
Below you will find a number of examples of HTML formatting that you can use to style your own web pages, dA profiles and journals. All you need to do is copy/paste the code and replace the sample text with your own content. Along with the quick reference I've also writ
Not legitimate stock tips /how to reportMany people ask me what this term means ¨not legitimate stock¨

and always ask me how I know? how to identify?. so I decide to post a journal with many tip,

first...the things written here in this journal, I did a long search. and I'm doing this to help and inform people about this subject.
and first I'll tell because I started getting interested in this subject. three things happened that made me pay attention in this detail.
1 - a long time ago, I used the stock from pixabay in some premades. and unfortunately I did not know that this site is not reliable, so I was denounced and I had all my contents posted in stock removed.
2 - I used a premade, but the person who did this premade used a stock that was not allowed to be used, and this premade was denounced and people who used also have been denounced and had my manipulation was moved to scrap for infringed copyright.
3 - I used a PNG, and after…

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle
Copyright is Automatic by AkaTsukiSakuya
NOTE: This means don't take my work without my permission! I WILL file a DMCA takedown notice, and sue you if I feel like it. And also I'll punch you in the throat :meow:



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